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Before it all went wrong


Photo by Sima

Chop Chop


Photo by Sima

Moscow. 1980. Olympics.

Photo by Sima

Back to nowhere

Photo by Sima    

Want some sea

Photo by Sima

(no subject)

Photo by Sima
Когда у нас будет свой бар, у него будет такая вывеска. | When we run a bar, it'll have such a signboard.

За какой дверью мы хотели бы жить
Photo by Sima
А когда у нас будет свой дом, у него будет такая дверь. | And when we have our own house, it'll have such a frontdoor.

Stefano Marinucci, Pescara

Stefano Marinucci (Pescara)
Photo by Sima

Garlick girl


Photo by Nastja

Elegantly wasted

Photo by Sima

We fought with geese all the summer long

Photo by Dynja

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